What is it?

Health insurance is a complex thing. Comparing multiple health insurance plans is even trickier. That's why we invented the Insurinator. It's a health insurance plan comparison tool that tells you which plan will save you the most money.

Who are we?

Andrew Nystrom

Andrew's a machine learning expert with a passion for making the opaque clear. Andrew does the backend calculations and generates those textual descriptions you can’t stop reading. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys making machine learning algorithms faster and use less RAM.

Jordan Griffin

Jordan is an independent software consultant who would rather pay for all medical services in cash. As current market realities prevent him from doing so, he has compromised by writing the frontend as well as this bio.

Nathan Judah

Nathan is an illustrator who doesn't like spicy food, or confusing insurance jargon. So he drew a picture of a robot who could challenge the insurance companies. He still has no solution for chicken curry.

Contact Us

We can be reached at info@insurinator.com. We'd love to hear any feedback you have, whether it be in constructive form or not. Feature requests are not only welcome, but appreciated. Our email server accepts incoming mail 24 hours a day.